Being in control has never been easier

Manage, monitor, control. Anywhere.

Reconeyez Cloud

You're in control wherever you are. Set up, configure, manage and control individual devices or whole sites. View, track and configure events as they occur or adjust device parameters based on smart analysis of previously recorded incidences. As long as you have internet access, the cloud-based control centre is always with you.

Manage thousands of devices

Be it just one device, one site or thousands – it's just as easy to be in control anywhere in the world.

Significantly fewer false alarms

Artificial intelligence analyzes all events before triggering alarms and the False Alarm Assistant stops false alarms from reoccurring.

Multiple sites under one control

Easily manage multiple sites with separate parameters and schedules no matter how far from you or apart they are.

Integrations for ARCs

Keep using your current monitoring system as we easily integrate with industry-leading alarm and video management platforms.

Reduced false alarms

Before sending an alarm, all received images are analyzed by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. An alarm is sent only when the artificial intelligence determines that an image contains an actual intruder or threat as specified by alarm conditions.

  • AI-based threat detection
  • Set and manage custom alarm conditions
  • Define custom alarm areas for each view


Remote arming/disarming

Remotely arm and disarm single devices or whole sites through the cloud centre or mobile app.

Precisely defined alarm areas

Define an alarm trigger area and leave auto-detection off for the rest of the view.

Flexible device groups and management

Group devices by locations or by whole sites and manage the groups as a unit.

System overview at a glance

The comprehensive system dashboard keeps you up to date. Quickly view and manage all important parameters and use the statistics to improve system performance.

Wireless siren configuration

Set siren durations, trigger them manually, enable auto-sirens and assign devices that trigger sirens while leaving others sending silent alarms.

Define and set alarm rules

Configure the system to differentiate between people, cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes etc. and non threatening activations.

Mark device locations on a map

Add device coordinates through the installation app and sync all device locations to the map in the cloud.

Events overview and filters

Make decisions quickly based on a simple, intuitive event overview and filter incoming events by status, area or detected objects.

Patent Pending!

False Alarm Assistant

Machine learning algorithms analyse all received images and identifies a real threat. In case of multiple false alarms with similar parameters, artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the Detector’s settings to compensate for the false readings.

  • Proprietary AI-based decision making reduces false alarms
  • Automatic fine-tuning for optimal detection settings
  • Significantly improved battery life due to fewer alarms

Arming & disarming
at a touch

No more false alarms or security breaches due to forgotten access codes, lost remotes or keycards. Arm and disarm devices or a whole site with a simple and secure app. Authorize new users to access the system in minutes. Revoke access to users, who are no longer authorized the moment it happens.

  • Central cloud-based user management that works in real-time
  • Use the app to arm/disarm individual devices
  • Postpone arming times or change arming schedules from anywhere