Arcanum Africa – safeguarding wildlife

Arcanum Africa is a technology-focused company that provides cutting-edge solutions for safeguarding wildlife, businesses, and personal living spaces. Our team works closely with clients to source unique technologies, often originating from the Global Defense market, and develop them to meet specific needs.

We believe in the vital role of technology in protecting our planet’s valuable wildlife, nature, and people’s personal space. Thus, we strive to offer state-of-the-art solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. We support and cooperate with wildlife protection units and organizations.

Our experts are passionate about creating bespoke solutions that contribute to the ongoing efforts to protect our planet’s precious wildlife and nature. At Arcanum Africa, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner and innovator in the security technology industry, committed to delivering exceptional solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Protecting Kruger Park’s animals against poaching

Kruger Park (19,623 km2) is the largest game reserve in Africa and is a home for lions, rhinos, giraffes, elephants, and hundreds of other mammals that illegal hunters often target.

The Wildlife Protection unit active in Kruger Park had issues getting camera protection coverage in areas with very limited to zero coverage on mobile data networks.

The customer wanted to identify animals passing those areas and, more importantly, to get alerts when people (poachers) would be detected in those areas.

Why did we choose Reconeyez?

There were several reasons:

  • The durability,
  • Ease of use/setup in the field,
  • The ability to deliver alerting and images in very constrained mobile data networks.
  • The fact that bridge could be in an area that still had limited mobile data coverage, and then via mesh, they could put the camera’s in the areas where there is no coverage at all (and still get alerting and imaging).
  • The fact that we were able to integrate the alerts going into the wildlife protection platform, which is used all over South Africa (and beyond) for the conservation and protection of wildlife.
  • Our trust in the system after working with it for a while now and testing the limits of its abilities.

What has been the most valuable benefit of the Reconeyez system?

  • The ability to get cameras deployed to over 700 meters into areas with zero mobile data network.
  • Full HD images coming from those areas from passing wildlife.
  • Quick and easy deployment and re-deployment by the rangers.
  • Integration into the ranger wildlife protection platform (where all their camera feeds are sent into).
  • The ease of usage of the new Reconeyez phone and alerting on that.

Did we consider any alternatives to Reconeyez?

After listing to the clients, we could only find one solution that would match their requirements: the Reconeyez solution (bridge with detectors and the new mobile app).

six buffalos in the wild, captured by rexoneyez