Construction case study

BCM SECURITY – Construction Site Protection

Company background

BCM SECURITY provides wireless security solutions to the construction industry in the UK & Ireland. We are SIA approved contractors for Manned Guarding, keyholding and CCTV. We are also PSA licensed for CCTV in the Republic of Ireland, which has opened international trading for the company. BCM has been providing wireless security solutions for the past five years and have been investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology, so our clients have the best solutions that tailor to their security requirements.

What problem were you trying to solve?

We were tasked to find the most cost-effective solution that was completely wireless and lasts for more than 30 days. The requirements also laid out provisions for a system that was mobile and could move as the site progresses throughout the various stages of construction. There was requirement that the system didn’t require constant maintenance and was self-sufficient.

What possible solutions did you consider?

We went through the process of elimination with video verified alarms and mobile CCTV towers. We found that video verified did not provide the level of clarity that the client was expecting, and identification was non-existent. Mobile CCTV towers were found to be limited to the amount area they could cover and required several units to gain full site coverage and again provided low quality images.

Why did you choose the Reconeyez product?

We chose Reconeyez due to the role it can play in the site security, we found that the system was versatile and could be adapted to fit any scenario and get to places that would otherwise be excluded from the security due to inaccessibility. Due to the compact size they can be positioned in strategic positions and run off lithium batteries that last up to 50,000 activations or 400 days. The system was also cost effective for the client and could be moved as the project expanded providing flexibility to the client. We also had previous success with Reconeyez at other sites that proved that we had something that the market in Northern Ireland & Ireland had not seen before.

What measurable benefits have you seen?

Benefits that we have seen as a company is the number of intruders detected on sites, that would otherwise have been missed due to poor quality security solutions. We have also benefited from the HD quality images, night and day which has helped identify intruders to the Gardai and the PSNI. The system analytics has reduced false alarms that in turn reduces the costs for clients, as no unnecessary call outs to site are needed.

Rapid deployment and easy installation is what makes this system perfect for last minute installations. You don’t need vans, trailers etc to carry the kit, a simple car and ladders would suffice for most installations.