Environmental case study

Preventing Forest Fires from Arson: USA Case Study by Clear Cloud Solutions

Company background

Located in California, USA, Clear Cloud Solutions offers a wide range of services specializing in Security System Integration, Security Systems Design, Installation and Service, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, and many other Security Solutions. Clear Cloud was born out of a need for enterprise security integration with reliable services and quality. Our passion for innovation and strong community roots proved to be the catalyst for a new way of delivering value with integrity. Clear Cloud’s expertise spans across legacy solutions to advanced forward-thinking approaches in the Security Sector. Regardless of your need for improved solutions, Clear Cloud brings the toolset necessary to leverage the best technology and cutting-edge solutions while minimizing unnecessary refactoring or operational downtime.

What problems were we trying to solve?

Our customer, a Native American Indian Reservation, asked our help to prevent forest fires caused by arson. The forest fires have been a serious problem in the area with more than 200 forest fire starts in the last season. Since the reservation is on a large area of land in a very remote location, there were some limitations, such as the lack of electricity and connectivity.

Why did we choose Reconeyez?

Reconeyez was clearly a product designed for surveillance in remote areas with limited power and resources.

What measurable results have we seen?

The reservation had previously experienced over 200 fire starts in the lower basin of their land. After installing Reconeyez in strategic locations, the devices provided impressions of control and awareness that resulted in 12 fire starts during the same duration.

What has been the most important benefit of Reconeyez?

  • It is designed for remote areas with limited power and resources.
  • Easy installation in difficult and remote areas.
  • Dashboard in Cloud with analytics. It is easy to use and informative, and shows the diagnostics of the cameras from distance. 
  • We are pleased with the customer service for their time, energy, expertise, and communication they put in.

What possible solutions did we consider?

Many other options were contemplated and tested, however only Reconeyez provided the solution that enabled the users the ability to place surveillance devices in the strategic locations desired with the limited power, while also allowing for easy installation in difficult areas.