FORUS’s success story: “Almost zero false alarm rate!”


26. Apr 2021, 3 min read

Our customer FORUS Grupp ( is a unique provider in the Estonian real estate services market. From FORUS, property owners can get a wide range of services, be it maintenance, access control, surveillance, installation and maintenance of security systems, fire protection – all from one place.

„We offer security services for various sites, infrastructure and assets. All detected alarms reach our alarm monitoring control centres. The operator then makes a decision whether to send our patrol to the site based on the incoming image,“ says Marko Haruoja, FORUS’s Quality Control and Inspection manager.


  • It is quite common to get hundreds or thousands of false alarm events from your security system and false alarms can be costly.
  • How to leave no target missing but keep your staff and processes efficient at the same time?
  • Security systems involve many different components that need constant power, which can be a challenge in any setting, but more so in remote locations, especially in outdoor settings where there is no on-site personnel.
  • What about remote locations where providing a traditional wired power source may be impractical or not an option?

The case of Elron

“Our first contact with Reconeyez products was 5 years ago, when the railway company Elron asked for help with wagons surveillance in the final depot. At night, the wagons were left unattended and often got defaced by graffiti vandalism,” says Haruoja.


“We found Reconeyez to be the only company whose equipment did not require  permanent utility power and was 100% battery-powered. This was then the main reason why this particular company was chosen.

After the successful implementation on the railway site, we also started using it on our other sites. Today, we mainly use this solution for the surveillance of outdoor objects. Large-scale construction sites, heavy machineries such as tractors, buckets, etc. and various heavy equipment.

Throughout the cooperation, we also helped to develop the service. The most remarkable innovations had to do with significant further developments of artificial intelligence (AI),” says Haruoja.


“Thanks to FORUS, we have learned a lot. The combination of FORUS’s long-term experience and knowledge and our modern technologies have allowed us to create state-of-the-art smart solutions and services. It has been a co-creation project”, says the founder of Reconeyez, Indrek Jaaska.

The Outcome

Haruoja says that through Reconeyez’ technology, it was possible to achieve two key goals:

  1. First and foremost, to enhance and better protect the customer’s assets and infrastructure.
  2. And, secondly, to operate more efficiently, which is great for our bottom line and also helps to keep our employees happy and motivated.

“We have reached very high efficiency. We can almost say that false alarms almost never make it to the main control centre. We are close to zero! At the same time, it is beneficial for further developments that all changes are recorded, be it branch movement, light change, animals, etc. This information is filtered out by the system and, if necessary, these images can be viewed, analyzed and taught to AI,” adds Marko Haruoja.

Extra benefits

“For us, the main advantage of the system is its quick and easy installation. A trained specialist installs it on a site in only a few minutes. The system is battery-powered and for now, the battery life has proved to be sufficient for us. Battery life also depends a lot on how many movements there are on the site and how everything is set up, in any case, our needs are covered nicely,” says Haruoja.

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We combine artificial intelligence, low-power communications and groundbreaking hardware into a simple, easy to operate and maintain autonomous surveillance system.


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