Have you tried Reconeyez Device Profile feature?

Triin Mahlakõiv

24. May 2021, 2 min read

We added Device Profile to the Device Configuration so you can set up new devices faster and make sure that all necessary devices are following the same configuration values and schedules.

Configure new devices automatically with Device Profile

Device installation and setup need to be as smooth as possible for Reconeyez users. If it’s not, you waste valuable time and can be misled by complex configuration values.

That’s why we’ve launched the Device Profile feature so that installers and technicians don’t need to manually set up each device separately, instead can choose pre-configured device profiles, saving them time and money. For example, adding the same profiles to all devices in one area or updating profiles fast can become handy if you have a construction site where heavy machinery like excavators are causing tamper alarms and thus resulting in false alarms. You can create a Device Profile where the tamper sensitivity is turned off and apply that to all devices on the site with a few clicks.










With Device Profile, Reconeyez users who have permission to modify devices can:

  • Choose a Profile name 
  • Add a schedule to define periods when devices are armed
  • Apply routine check intervals to ensure that devices and image verification systems are operational
  • Apply motion and tamper sensitivity to the sensor. Switch the tamper off or set it to the highest sensitivity. 
  • Change camera settings to control the number of photos per alarm sent to the monitoring station. Adjust the photo interval to set the time between photos. 
  • Configure time zones so detectors would accept schedules in your chosen time zone. 

Thanks to Device Profile, you don’t have to configure each device separately, meaning less time wasted. Device Profile is available to all customers. You can set new device profiles under Device configuration. 

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Written by

Triin Mahlakõiv

Triin is the Product Manager in the Reconeyez Cloud team. She joined Reconeyez in early 2021 to build a customer-centric and data-driven product culture. She enjoys building products by improving products.


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