Reconeyez announces branded integration with Immix Protect


25. Feb 2021, 2 min read

We are happy to announce the launch of the official branded Reconeyez integration with the Immix security software platform. The integration is part of our efforts to offer users of existing security platforms an easier way to add Reconeyez solutions to their current systems and support our growing presence in the UK, European and North American markets.

Immix is a leading security monitoring platform trusted and used by thousands of guarding companies, security systems integrators/installers, alarm receiving centres, and commercial and residential customers worldwide. The new Reconeyez integration, available for both Immix CS and GF customers, makes it easy to monitor and control any Reconeyez battery-powered detection device added to the platform.

The integration offers Reconeyez customers another alternative for scaling their security systems by combining their existing Reconeyez solutions with other Immix supported third-party monitoring or detection devices in areas where traditional CCTV monitoring is not practical. It also gives users the ability to combine multiple existing security devices under one monitoring platform to simplify their security system management.

For existing Immix users, the integration offers a way to add our AI-based person and vehicle detection analytics to their existing system, bringing with it the benefits of our 35-meter detection range, full HD video quality, circa 400-day autonomous detector/camera battery life, and wireless connectivity.

The Reconeyez Immix integration supports alarms, attached alarm footage, get siren configuration, geolocation map and siren controls, which allows Immix users to pulse sirens on a remote Reconeyez system. It also provides an event URL link to the Reconeyez portal for additional information.

Reconeyez in Immix Demonstration


All supported features are listed on the official Immix Protect integration support site. To initiate your Reconeyez integration with Immix, please contact us at

For more information on Reconeyez solutions and demo requests, please contact:

UK/Ireland and South Africa: Simon Faulkner (
North America: Paul Ellis (
Europe: Gary Frith (

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