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9. Apr 2021, 2 min read

We have had some great feedback from partners on the value of using our solar equipment to permanently charge our bridge batteries on site. The feedback indicates significantly longer bridge battery lifetime, particularly on sites with high alarm volumes. This has resulted in a reduced number of site maintenance visits and associated costs. To further incentivise the use of solar equipment we have decided to put together a solar bridge bundle as a single product code.

The Bridge bundle contains

Key benefits

Lower cost

First and foremost the bundle cost is significantly lower than buying the bridge and solar equipment separately. This narrows the cost between a standard bridge and a solar bridge, the extra cost typically more than made up for by reduced maintenance costs over time.

Easy ordering

Order all necessary equipment for a solar bridge through one single product code. Product code 72115.

New 45 degree mount

Bundle also includes our new 45 degree solar panel mount, helping you to ensure a professional installation and maximise the performance of your solar panels.

Information and ordering

For further details and pricing please get in touch with your sales contact:

UK/Ireland and South Africa: Simon Faulkner (
North America: Paul Ellis (
Europe: Gary Frith (

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