7 tips on how to know if your security camera is a security threat

Tanel Liiv

21. Nov 2022, 4 min read

Security cameras are widely used worldwide by organizations and private users alike. Cameras keep an eye on private homes, office buildings, and even country borders. No matter the user or the specific use case: the overarching goals are to make the world we live in safer and protect our property. Sometimes though, the threat may not be that distant and abstract. Instead, it could be right next to us. The actual threat can be the camera we have trusted our security with.

Numerous alarming stories exist about delicate data ending up in the wrong hands and security cameras being forced offline with radio jamming. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such risks. In this article, I am sharing tips to help you get the most out of your camera and ensure it does not compromise your privacy.

Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing the best security camera:

1. Pay attention to who produced the camera 

It’s recommended to choose cameras produced in a western country, to get the protections of strict hardware, privacy, and security regulations. For example, the CE marking on electronic devices means that the radio components inside are compliant with EU radio interference regulations, so your microwave won’t interfere with your camera, and your camera won’t interfere with your cellphone or WiFi router.

Reconeyez cameras are designed and assembled in the EU.

2. Local data storage could save the day

You can never be sure when your internet connection will drop out, so it is essential to choose a security camera that can store data locally until the connection returns. Intruders have ways to disrupt wireless connections intentionally, so having the camera keep the recordings safe in local storage ensures the recordings are available later.

Reconeyez cameras store all recordings safely until they are uploaded to the cloud.

3. You get what you pay for

Cheaper cameras might try to connect to other devices created by the manufacturer but not owned by you. For example, if your neighbor uses the same security system. You should always verify your system uses a secure way of communication that prevents unintentional information exposure. Device-specific encryption certificates are an excellent way to ensure this.

Reconeyez devices have security certificates that ensure no one else can access or control your system.

4. Strict access control and auditable logs protect against spying

Many smaller cameras can be used by jealous spouses or other malicious actors to spy on unsuspecting people. To prevent this, always choose a camera with strict access controls and which keeps logs.

Reconeyez systems send captured recordings directly to the monitoring station, so malicious actors cannot use our systems for spying.

5. Preconfigured passwords are hackers’ favorite

Off-the-shelf security cameras often have weak passwords set in the factory. This means not changing them can expose your system to hackers. Always change the passwords from their factory settings.

Reconeyez uses secure certificates for configuration and transmitting recordings. There is no factory password to hack.

6. Quality security systems come with updates

Mass market systems often get very few, if any, security updates. As you update your phone often to protect yourself from hackers, you should update your security system whenever an update is released. A quality security system should provide regular updates to keep your system secure and private.

Reconeyez systems are supported for a long time and receive regular updates to both functionality and security.

7. Make sure no one else can log into your system

Some cameras may be relatively secure from external attackers if they use encrypted WiFi to connect to the internet. But often, those cameras are left unsecured inside the local WiFi network. So guests who have the WiFi password can access the system and view past recordings. Always ensure that nobody else can log in to your security system, even people you trust with your WiFi password.

Reconeyez cameras do not use WiFi, but an entirely separate radio network, so it is impossible to expose your security system accidentally.

Although there are many aspects to consider when choosing a security camera, focusing on these gives you a good head start.

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Written by

Tanel Liiv

Tanel Liiv is the Systems Architect at Reconeyez and its parent company Defendec. He joined the team in 2015 and has ever since been an integral part of our IT team. His main responsibilities involve cyber security and ensuring the stability of all Reconeyez systems.


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