A letter to (urban) Reconeyez installers

The Installer

12. Dec 2022, 3 min read

Dear Reconeyez installer,

You probably think your job is tough, with all the Friday afternoon installations in the rain and the occasional grumpy customer. But trust me, you’ve got it easy compared to us Reconeyez veterans from the “old days” of border control.

Back then, we had to deal with all sorts of hostile environments and potentially dangerous situations.

The presence of weapons was one of the hardest things we had to get used to. In many regions where border guard solutions were deployed over the years, the life expectancy of an unattended European-looking engineer was not estimated to be very long. 

Luckily, the clients (usually) had solid security measures, ensuring the deployment of camera systems without any human losses. But there were times when things could have taken a rather tragic turn. On more than one unfortunate occasion, installing the familiar detectors in restricted border zones resulted in friendly fire towards us. That really tested our nerves. And in one case, the installed cameras picked up the movement of a hostile group of people armed with AK-47s only less than an hour after the engineers had left the site. That could have ended very badly. 

We also had to battle with the exotic local flora and fauna. I’ve had to install in a tropical swamp in 45 C/113 F heat with a pack of energetic crocodiles waiting for me to slip onto their dining plate. I’ve also heard a strange rattling sound coming from the jungle from where I had to install a detector—and then—  there was a massive ball of a poisonous snake at the height of my head. I didn’t even understand the real threat until all the locals started running away, yelling something that sounded like “macabre negro”. Yes, installing Reconeyez for private clients is a walk in the park compared to what the border guard deployment engineers had to endure back in the day!

And don’t even get me started on the heat and dehydration we had to deal with in the desert. It’s a wonder any of us made it out alive!

But through it all, one thing remained constant: the trusty Reconeyez surveillance system. No matter how hostile the environment, the cameras never failed us. And even though we may have left our tablets in the Jeep on more than one occasion (oops), we always managed to get the job done.

So the next time you’re struggling with a particularly difficult installation, just remember: it could be worse. 

Yours truly,
The Installer (not my real name)

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Written by

The Installer

The Installer is a pseudonym for our installer. Deploying Reconeyez has taken him through the jungles and deserts and has resulted in adventures too many to count.


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