Announcing new Reconeyez cloud user management

Triin Mahlakõiv

14. Jun 2021, 3 min read

The Reconeyez team is happy to announce that in a few weeks we’ll be releasing the new user management menu.  Each day hundreds of Reconeyez users are clicking their way through the Reconeyez cloud platform, managing thousands of devices, hundreds of areas, and dozens of users. The user management menu, which has worked well for small and medium-sized security companies, has been needing an up-haul to better satisfy the needs of larger clients, who have more employees and bigger employee rotation. To enhance this we have built a new user management allowing batch management of user access and improved user experience for all account owners and moderators.



You will now find the new Users menu as a separate item at the top main menu bar. You can add new users, suspend users, assign roles and permissions, and get a comprehensive overview of users’ access.

Each user in the Reconeyez account can have one or multiple roles. These roles are associated with a default set of permissions, which cannot be changed by the user and are managed only by the moderator managing the account. These permissions control what the users can access when they sign in to the Reconeyez cloud. 

User roles can have a set of permissions that allows access only to the menu items a user needs to view or modify.

Full control of your Reconeyez account

Regulate what the operators, installers, technicians, and end-users can see and do in the Reconeyez cloud and mobile app with advanced user permissions and visibility settings. From customizable permissions to preset visibility rules and roles – you have full control of your alarm and device management function, meaning every individual has access only to the functionalities they need to have, and your data is secured. 

Manage user permissions

With our advanced permissions settings, account owners and moderators have full control over what regular users can access and do in Reconeyez. Besides default permissions and roles, managers can have a customizable set to create a unique set of access rules. 



Control who sees what

As Reconeyez account owner or moderator, you have full command over who can see what data. Build custom visibility groups and easily restrict data such as device lists, the map menu, and incoming alarms from being viewed by anyone outside that group.


Assign areas to users in bulk

We have added the ability to assign user(s) to multiple areas with fewer clicks to make assigning new areas to users very simple and time-efficient. You can now choose several areas with a few flicks and assign these areas to one or many users as you wish. 

Please let us know if you have questions or feedback — we’d love to hear from you.
You can find guidance about user management from the Manual.

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Written by

Triin Mahlakõiv

Triin is the Product Manager on the Reconeyez Cloud team. She joined Reconeyez in early 2021 to build a customer-centric, data-driven product culture. She likes to build products and improve them.


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