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20. Apr 2023, 2 min read

It’s now over a month since we launched the Reconeyez App, and we’ve been getting some great feedback from many of our partners on the new features that we introduced.

Here is just a reminder of some of the key features and benefits that are now available:

Users Receive only AI Verified Alarms

Whilst many Apps send all alarms to users, our integrated AI technology ensures that only AI-verified alarms (alarms with people and/or vehicles identified in the images) are sent to the user’s smart device. This eliminates the “noise” of false alarms that are a common frustration with many outdoor security systems and ensures that the focus is on real alarm events.

Alarms arrive within Seconds of the Activation

Our high-speed AI engine ensures that alarms arrive within seconds of the activation, thus giving responders the best chance of apprehending intruders and minimising theft and potential damage.

High-Quality Alarm Images

High-definition alarm images (2.1MP by day, 1.2MP at night) enable users to quickly identify the cause of the alarm and provide responders with advance information on what they will be confronting when they arrive at the site.

Remote Activation of the Siren from the App

To further warn off intruders, users also have the ability to activate a siren at the touch of a button.

Site Location Map and Directions

By entering the site address in the Reconeyez cloud, this automatically appears in the App with the alarm event, and the user can even click on the Directions tab to find the quickest route to the site from their current location.

Ease of Use

It’s simple to select for which sites alarm notifications are required and at what times of the day. For example, end users can receive alarm notifications during the day but leave site monitoring and response to security professionals at night time.

Arm and Disarm from Anywhere at Anytime

The App has the capability to connect with the Reconeyez system at any time for instant arming and disarming, whether the user is on-site or on the other side of the world. Ideal if an employee has forgotten to arm the system when leaving or the site needs to be disarmed remotely to enable delivery, etc.

Need more information? Please contact your local sales contact for commercial enquiries or support@reconeyez.comfor your technical questions

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