How to overcome crises as a small security business?

Gerhard Villem

6. Jul 2023, 4 min read

Undeniably, many companies in different sectors are going through difficult times. Security companies, installers, and distributors are no exception. It doesn’t matter what your niche is – whether you’re strictly focusing on CCTV security or have a wide variety of services – chances are that you have noticed some cool-down. So have we. But as Darwin said – it is not the survival of the fittest. It’s the survival of the most adaptable. So how to adapt to the difficult market situation we are currently in? 

Moving forward is bad only when you’re left behind

At Reconeyez, we understand that an excellent product (or service) is not enough to make a great business. There’s no way you could create a kick-ass camera that is better than the alternatives and then think you deserve a good rest on the laurels. Well, you could, but it would not last very long. Why? Because in a blink of an eye, your product is not the best anymore. Far from that! At the time you were getting a good rest, your local competitors, multi-billion corporations, and some genius 17-year-olds worked on the issue you had already solved. And created something that is not only better but more cost-effective.

From our point of view, that is a scary idea. But that is also why we constantly develop our hard- and software and create new features and products. The world is changing, and so are the customers’ needs. We have a well-known competitor who doesn’t share this belief. Yes, they still have customers, but for many years now, their customers have chosen Reconeyez instead. So, it is not only that you don’t get more customers when you stand still. You start to lose the existing ones.

How have your customers’ needs changed? Are your solutions or services as relevant as they were a year ago? If not, something needs to be changed.

Finding balance

One potential new customer told me recently that everything looks good, but now is not a good time to make the decision. The construction sector has pretty much frozen, and their main use for standalone security systems was construction sites. I asked him: if the sites are closed down, what are they doing with the expensive machinery and tools? Are they kept in a storage room? We have lots of customers using our system to protect storage rooms!

Life is all about balance: if one sector comes crumbling down, another sector blooms. For example, we have noticed an increase in energy, utility, and environmental-related projects. Many end-users are using expensive (both in time and money) solutions without knowing there are not only easier but smarter, more efficient, and less expensive ways.

I truly think that the more flexible your service is, the easiest it is to overcome hardships. If you lose a customer who used Reconeyez, you have no issues gathering the system and installing it elsewhere. It takes minutes to remove and minutes to install again.

So, the quick answer to the question in the title is to be adaptable and invest in solutions that are flexible. The more uncertain the times, the more flexibility you need. The more flexibility your customers need, too. Keep an open mind on the surroundings. It is excellent to be a few steps ahead and offer your customers something before they realize they need it. But it is a must to react if the need is already there. 

Otherwise, they will opt for your competitor. 

If you’re interested in how we can help you make your security business more flexible and save costs, contact me via email or request a free demo

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Written by

Gerhard Villem

Gerhard is the Head of Business Development at Reconeyez. He joined the team in the autumn of 2021. Since then, he has helped develop new business opportunities in many new countries and business verticals.


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