International Security Journal’s interview with Reconeyez co-founder and CTO Tauri Tuubel


11. Jul 2023, 3 min read

The interview was initially published in International Security Journal 2023 July issue.

How has the demand changed for AI-powered solutions?

Overall, the demand for AI-powered solutions has grown as businesses recognise the value of AI in improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Customers are starting to expect AI as a common part of the value proposition.

Although most AI-powered solutions in the security sector focus on object detection, its other applications are often overlooked. For example, our patent pending False Alarm Assistant (an algorithm that uses AI to reduce false alarms) saves customers hours and thousands of dollars per detector annually.

How important is it to provide solutions that offer long-lasting battery life and rapid installation?

When developing new features, our primary consideration is to improve battery life. We understand that our customers have installation sites hundreds of kilometres away from their offices, so changing batteries can be time-consuming. That’s why we prioritise long-lasting battery performance, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

Longer battery life reduces maintenance costs and has less impact on the environment. Fewer battery replacements mean less travel to change batteries, therefore, less carbon emissions.

Our system lasts up to 400 days or up to 50 000 events with one battery charge. All our devices can be powered by solar panels or an additional battery pack, which makes the system even more low maintenance.

The installation time is also very important to customers, and that we can be proud of; most technicians install the Reconeyez system in minutes.

Which vertical sectors are looking to your technology to enhance security?

Initially, we saw lots of customers from construction sites. However, there has been widespread adoption in different sectors that need security in power-restricted areas, such as water utilities, pipelines, etc.

We have also noticed an increased number of cases relating to the environment. Reconeyez has been used to detect arsonists causing forest fires, monitor flooding, or even combat illegal dumping in rural areas. One customer successfully uses Reconeyez in South Africa to protect the local wildlife against poaching. 

What are your plans for 2023 and beyond?

The main focus is on how to lower the total cost of ownership for our customers. Our roadmap has many projects that can considerably improve battery life, bring more value from AI, and make remote management more effortless. 

We recently introduced Snapshot – a feature that lets you get a live view from your detector without triggering the alarm. The next Cloud service that is almost ready for launch is Time-lapse. There are also several new hardware products coming out I wouldn’t want to disclose just yet, but keep an eye on our Linkedin to not miss any important updates!

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