Meet Siren 2.0 – our most unpleasant device

Colin Harding

14. Mar 2023, 2 min read

We are happy to introduce the new Siren 2.0!  The new siren boasts a louder and more aggressive sound that lets intruders know that their presence has been detected and the alarm has been activated. The red light, which is scientifically proven to be more alarming than the previously used orange light, adds an extra layer of security by creating a psychological deterrent.

This is why we call it our most unpleasant device.

The siren is equipped with a brighter and more directional light, making it more threatening and harder for intruders to ignore. This feature is especially useful in remote or isolated areas. 

With the new Reconeyez Siren, you can be confident in the protection of your property and the safety of your assets. Its loud and attention-grabbing sound can deter potential intruders from further inspecting your property and is also alerting others in the surrounding area.


  • Louder and more aggressive sounds let intruders know that they are caught.
  • The red light is psychologically more alarming than the previous orange light.
  • The brighter and more directional light makes the siren more threatening.
  • The new Siren is smaller, so it is easier to hide and more comfortable to install.



  • 108 dB Siren is as loud as live rock music. Or standing next to a working jackhammer.
  • The bright red directional light and the loud sound disorient and confuse an intruder, making it more difficult for them to navigate the property and carry out their intended actions.

Contact us today to learn more about Siren 2.0 and other products that can help you secure your business or property. 

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Written by

Colin Harding

Colin is the Head of Hardware Products. He joined Reconeyez in mid 2021 providing onboarding and training to the UK customers, he transitioned to the new role late 2022 adding his extensive knowledge and experience to the hardware development team.


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