Reconeyez has launched the new Cloud

Maksim Ziabko

1. Dec 2022, 3 min read

We are glad to make a public announcement that the Reconeyez Cloud portal has gone through several changes to improve our customers’ user experience and fulfill users’ needs.

In addition to the facelift and several new features, there are also many beneficial updates in the back-end systems that improve overall efficiency. In this blog post, I am going to give a brief overview of what has changed and why.

Primary cloud portal changes are as follows:

  1. Complete facelift to all Reconeyez cloud pages
  2. Updated Dashboard
  3. New area setting page
  4. Image retention period
  5. Updates to back-end systems
  6. Improved siren settings,

Facelift for the Cloud

The main change is the new color. The old Cloud’s color was too bright, which led to the operator’s fatigue. Several icons were too eye-catching, which many users might have found distracting. We muted the colors and changed the icons, so the overall impression is more neutral, and there is less fatigue and distraction when working with our cloud for long periods of time.

Updated Dashboard

In addition to the new dashboard look, there are also improvements to the information provided. You can now easily select periods of time (day, week, month, two months, quarter), see selectable area/areas, and have a quick overview of your most active devices and areas. The more user-friendly changes make it much easier to analyze your data.

A screenshot from Reconeyez Cloud dashboard

New area setting page

The new area setting page now has the ability to configure systems by area and site. The new features include:

  • Configuration of all devices in the area according to the template,
  • Ability to inherit configurations from parent to child area,
  • Setting Image and Statistics retention period,
  • Simplified transfer of the device from one area to another.

New area setting page from Reconeyez cloud

Image retention period

We have introduced the ability to define the image retention period, after which older images are automatically deleted. The image retention period makes it easier for you to comply with local data protection legislation.

Up to 31 days will remain part of the standard Reconeyez cloud fee. If you require additional retention periods, please discuss this with your local commercial teams, as extra charges may apply. Please keep in mind that our Cloud service has the function for downloading backup copies, so all your important photos can be downloaded before they are removed from the cloud.

Updates in the back-end systems

In order to better cope with the continuous increase in system load and to ensure stability, we made several improvements to the backend systems. Among other changes, we added an initial audit log system, which can be used to track event/event-group history. We also added improved automatic daylight saving time information syncing to the device to help you avoid the alarms that occur from advancing clocks. With over additional 40 fixes and improvements to our web service, the routine tasks are now faster and smoother than ever.

Improved siren settings

Siren settings now allow you to flexibly configure when and how the siren should work.

Previously, the siren played only with auto alarms. Now the siren can also play if someone is trying to remove or damage the device, even if the area is not armed.

We appreciate your feedback on our new Cloud and hope you enjoy the new features!

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Written by

Maksim Ziabko

Maksim is the Head of Cloud products on the Reconeyez Cloud team. He joined Reconeyez in mid-2022 to continue building a customer-centric, data-driven product culture. He likes to study the needs and issues of customers and solve them through technical solutions and new products.


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