Reconeyez solution has enabled Anchor Group Services to grow its remote eGuarding solution


29. Jun 2023, 2 min read

Anchor Group Services is an all-service provider, including Security, eGuarding, Cleaning, Mobile Patrols, Keyholding Response Services, Parking Management, and Reactive and Planned Property Maintenance in the UK.  Anchor was established by Andrew Harper, Chief Executive, in 1987.

We asked Anchor’s Technical Service Director Jamie Fretwell a few questions about why they chose Reconeyez:

There are a wide range of security systems in the market. Why did you choose Reconeyez?

We were looking for an alternative solution to RSI Videofied and CCTV Towers that provided high-quality images, reduced false alarm levels, and a long battery that could be easily deployed to our customers’ sites whilst providing reduced running costs. Following evaluating a number of products, we felt that Reconeyez met all our requirements and exceeded expectations. We have now deployed several solutions across a number of customer sites. Both Anchor and our customers are happy with the results and the support provided by the manufacturer.

How has Reconeyez benefited your business?

The Reconeyez solution will allow us to reduce our support and monitoring costs by reducing false alarm activations managed by our control room team while allowing us to make changes to the system remotely. Historically, rapid deployable CCTV solutions did not allow for remote support of the solution, meaning we would need to deploy one of our team to the customer site to make adjustments where required. The ease of replacing batteries and deploying the solution also allows us to provide training to our customers, which allows them to self-manage the solution. This again avoids the need for an Anchor representative to attend our customer’s site to swap out batteries and reposition the detectors as the customer’s requirements change allowing us to offer a more competitive security solution.

Additionally, the Reconeyez solution has enabled Anchor to look at new sectors due to the flexibility of the solution, therefore, enabling us to grow our remote eGuarding solution.

What are you most looking forward to? 

We look forward to being part of the product roadmap, having already had meaningful discussions with the Reconeyez team on features we would like to see introduced.


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