Securing Remote Solar Farm: AST GmbH Case Study

Company background

AST GmbH company has stood for innovative security technology since 1992. As a future-oriented service provider, we offer our customers a complete security package. Whether intruder alarm systems, fire alarm technology, video surveillance, or access control technology – you will always receive a sustainable solution from us at any time and any place.

What problem were we trying to solve?

The site was a remote solar farm without any mains power or Internet connection. A security solution was required to be used both for the initial construction phase and as a long-term permanent security solution. The site is far from our office, so there was a need to keep site maintenance visits to an absolute minimum. The ability to install the system in a day would also keep installation costs to a minimum. A cost-effective solution was needed that didn’t require major civil work to lay cables for electricity and data transmission.

Why did we choose the Reconeyez product?

  • The possibility to monitor the site from a distance and, if necessary, to make further system setting adjustments in the Reconeyez cloud without having to visit the site. In addition, the reduction in false alarms through AI was another important factor in choosing the Reconeyez system.
  • Ease of installation of the Reconeyez system and the long battery life, supported by a solar panel to recharge the bridge batteries directly on site without manual intervention.
  • Ability to fine-tune the device settings from the cloud, for example, to reduce tamper sensitivity when large construction machinery was active on site.
  • Reduction of costly false alarms on site, with the cloud Artificial Intelligence able to differentiate between people and wildlife, etc.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Ability to use solar panels for on-site charging of the detector and bridge batteries – meaning that site visits could be kept to a minimum.
  • Much more cost-effective than CCTV.

What measurable benefits did we see?

  • Reduction of false alarms by the AI and a reduction in the number of technician visits to the site by fine-tuning the settings of the devices in the cloud. The end customer also likes the ability to log into the cloud and view the maintenance photos taken at regular intervals by the cameras.
  • Simple and cost-effective installation.
  • Minimal fuss for us and the client.
  • AI has removed the false alarms and the need to send guarding vehicles to a remote site for no reason.
  • The installation phase and connection to the monitoring station went very smoothly. Now we can manage the site remotely and fine-tune any system parameters from a distance. The solar panels also give us confidence that battery life will mean that only very occasional site visits will be needed.