Environmental case study

iGuard360° – River Monitoring Case Study from Canada

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Identifying vessels on the river to protect property and sensitive ecosystem

An environmental company approached us and asked us to come up with a cost-effective solution that could be installed along the mighty Fraser River, where the tides are active daily. The client wanted a system that could be deployed on the dock platform that had no shore power. Additionally, the platform and waterway are highly active with supply distribution along the platform where the train runs throughout the day and night and the river with commercial vessels, barges, and pleasure crafts.

The client wanted to prevent entry along the shoreline, as well as to identify vessels that may be doing any illegal dumping and to keep the property safe while protecting the sensitive ecosystem.

Previously, significant damages were found to the dolphin infrastructure that also protected the testing wells. The damages were caused by something large, but they could not identify what caused them as there were no witnesses or reports by the businesses in the area. The damages to the dolphins cost the client in excess of $250K and the repair costs that were never recovered. Having this security solution technology in place will allow the company to identify vessels that are causing any damages in the future and hold those company’s accountable for repair costs.

Real photo from Reconeyez Cloud. AI detected a boat.

Reconeyez systems with solar panels to minimise site visits

Why did we choose Reconeyez?

The traditional wired security solutions were presented to be more complicated as there was no shore power close by, and the closest power solution would have been over 300-meter distance, located at the CN Rail Warehouse. Additionally, the CN Rail Warehouse did not want any devices attached to their building, nor did they want to have an internet carrier to install their routers on-site for safety and security reasons, as this is an active distribution facility with large machinery that is constantly moving about the interior and exterior of the property.

Installing 3x Detectors, 2x Bridges, and Solar Panels to the system allowed the client to have a maintenance-free user experience at an affordable cost.

The client is really impressed with the overall capabilities of this product and security solution. They see how beneficial this solution would be with industries such as the harbour authorities, marinas, aquaculture, and all water-related businesses that face these similar challenges. Claire Wilkin, the Project Engineer for Keystone Environmental Services, commented:  “The information, training, and the service Don Azcona provided us from iGuard Security was truly beneficial and very much appreciated. We have already discussed how this product can be used with our three other facilities and the various projects we are involved in.”

What benefits did we notice?

The ability to conduct remote maintenance checks, review the previous day’s activity on the property, and peace of mind regarding security have been an added comfort the company had not previously experienced. The ability to pull photos and to use it in daily reports was also an added bonus that enhanced their report writing and is provided to the client.

In addition, there were some tangible cost savings as the frequency of visiting the site in person were minimized.

Did we consider any alternatives?

From the start of the client’s request, it was clear that the only solution was a custom remote integrated solution for their application. No other product on the market fits their needs or was cost-effective. So, Reconeyez was the only solution to consider.