Pro Alarm – Illegal Dumping in Croatia Case Study

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Monitoring and preventing trash dumping in nature

We were approached by several municipal governments in Croatia regarding the issue of fly-tipping. The main concern was the time-consuming process of installing a working video surveillance system and the lack of electrical infrastructure in most places where these trash dumps were found.

The goal was to keep the trash from accumulating further and returning to the monitored locale after it was cleaned up.

Repeated cleaning and extraction of trash from nature is a progressively increasing cost for the local governments that only aggravates the end customers who bear the costs via taxes.

By filling the gap of lack of human resources i.e., eyes on the ground, Reconeyez system successfully proved to be a vital tool in preventing recurring offenses and preserving natural landscapes.

Why did we choose Reconeyez?

When faced with the challenges of protecting remote areas and sites without necessary prerequisites for traditional CCTV systems, Reconeyez could fit in the niche of specific use cases.

Our requirements for projects like fly-tipping prevention and monitoring were that the system was autonomous, robust, modular, and AI-assisted due to the shortage of manpower in municipalities. With these factors in mind, we had the chance to test Reconeyez in various situations and environments, all of which proved its worth.

The flexibility and size of the system is a bonus feature that strikes a liking with the end user as they can easily use the system and fit it to their needs.

Moreover, the easily scalable size of the system, owing to the mesh design feature, allows it to easily adapt to on-site requirements ̧, exchanging and adjusting elements on the fly, a feature most welcomed by the crew members on the ground.

Did we consider any alternatives?

When looking at the available alternatives on the market, most products in the same vein have limitations to their use in public spaces as they are mainly intended for personal use.

The first alternative most often found is the hunting camera which lacks advanced platform features and mesh communication. These alternatives are often stolen, forgotten, or simply discarded after a few uses.

Secondly, solar-powered CCTV systems have proved to be of limited usability depending on the geographic features; additionally, these systems often have storage in the form of easily removable SD cards, rendering them useless after removal.

The largest difference for our clients is the cloud-based platform that stores all events without rewriting past events and a simple search function to find the events of interest.

As a whole, Reconeyez system offers far more features and flexibility for the end user, while drawbacks are negligible.

What has changed after Reconeyez was installed?

Shortly after installing the first systems for preventing and monitoring fly-tipping, we noticed a reduction in offenses. Our municipal clients have had great success after the initial setups, where affected areas have seen little to no criminal activity through either word-of-mouth or warnings.

By giving the municipalities the ability to see actionable information quickly and react immediately after the offense has taken place, overall results have shown that fly-tipping has been reduced, repeat offenders were fined, and the word-of-mouth campaign yielded fewer new dump sites.

Most offenders arrive at the affected location with a vehicle, from which the number plate is taken for identification purposes. In smaller communities, offenders are easily recognized by the local populace.

For most sites that have been cleaned and are continuously monitored, no repeat offenses have been found, and the environment is kept intact.