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Enhancing Barge Security in France: A SecuriForce Case Study

Securiforce is a leading French regional fire and security company based in Carpentras in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. The company offers a broad range of services for residential and commercial customers, including manned guarding and patrols, fire protection, electronic security, and monitoring services.

Protecting barges from fuel theft, intrusions, and damages

Barges are navigating all year round on rivers, and there was an increased incidence of fuel theft, living quarter intrusion, and barge damages.

At the end of the day the barges have to moor at sunset since navigating along the rivers is forbidden during the night. When the barge stops for the night, they are often in isolated areas such as by a lock.

The PTZ camera monitoring and control is in the cockpit (usually above the living quarters without internal access). So captains have to leave their living quarters if they want to investigate what is going on around the barge, and this is particularly unsafe at night.

Why did we choose Reconeyez?

Device installation is easy and discreet, and the system is easy for the captain to arm and disarm using the Reconeyez App. The bridge, with its 4G SIM, provides the ability for the system to connect to any cell tower along the river for the transmission of alarm events and verification images to the monitoring station.

The three barges were equipped with six detectors each to provide a good coverage of the outdoor area of the barges, and the sirens provided a good audible deterrent to scare off intruders.


Higher levels of security on the barges on which Reconeyez has been installed and a safer solution for the barge captains. Detection events are sent to a monitoring station, and the captains are informed of any intruders without having to venture outside and potentially be put in a dangerous situation.

Captains can remain safely locked inside and directly call the police if the monitoring station informs them of an intruder. Integrated Artificial Intelligence also keeps false alarms along the riverbank to a minimum.

Did we consider any alternatives?

We only really considered Reconeyez because we had a requirement for a very flexible, autonomous system that could work effectively at different locations along the river.