React instantly – surveillance control at your fingertips

Monitor and configure your sites anywhere, anytime.
Works seamlessly with Reconeyez Cloud software.

Push notifications

Never miss an alarm wherever you are

Call instantly

Instantly call predefined security numbers

Activate the siren

Let the intruder know they are found

Share footage

Send photos or videos to your security team

Arm and disarm your sites on the go

Check or change the site status

What is Reconeyez and how does it work?

Reconeyez is a wireless outdoor security system with artificial intelligence. With a battery life of up to 400 days, it’s the perfect solution for remote areas. AI-powered camera eliminates false alarms and automatically detects people, vehicles and other points of interest.

The Reconeyez mobile app works as an extension of the desktop software and Reconeyez security devices. The mobile app is for instant overview and response; the desktop version is for managing all your security system settings, reading accurate statistics and more.

Reconeyez devices overview
Reconeyez Cloud software overview

Frequently asked questions

If you are a security company, distributor, or installer, then the process is as follows:
1. You will be given a free demo to introduce the system
2. You will order a demo kit to try out the system yourself
3. You can make a bigger order.

If you are a private user and want to use Reconeyez, you should contact your local security company and ask if they offer security service using Reconeyez system.

No, the Reconeyez app can be used only to monitor Reconeyez cameras.

No, the app is not a replacement, but an extension of the Cloud, and meant for delivering notifications when you are on the go. Most of the functions remain available only in the web interface.

Download Reconeyez mobile app here

Before activating our mobile app, don’t forget to set it up in Reconeyez Cloud desktop version (exact location where to start).

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