Competitive equipment pricing, quick to install, simple to scale, easy to operate and economical to maintain.

Fully autonomous

Designed for an autonomous operation to keep the system working without intervention for up to 400 days.

Simple installation

Engineered to be installed and deployed in minutes making relocating, reconfiguring or scaling also extremely easy.

Cloud management

Manage thousands of devices with ease. As long as you have internet access, the cloud-based control centre is always with you.

A system for demanding environments

Reconeyez devices have been field-tested in the harshest conditions – from -42°C/-43.6°F in Kazakhstan to +60°C/140°F on the Afghanistan border.

Manage thousands of devices with a click

Be it just one device, one site or thousands – it's just as easy to be in control anywhere in the world. Our cloud lets you set up, configure, manage and control individual devices or whole sites with ease.

Less false alarms

Artificial intelligence analyzes all events before triggering alarms and the False Alarm Assistant stops false alarms from reoccurring.

Multiple sites

Manage multiple sites with separate parameters and schedules no matter how far from you or apart they are.

End-user access

Manage cloud access and arming rights for employees, clients or third party users.

Integrations for ARCs

Keep using your current monitoring system as we easily integrate with industry-leading alarm and video management platforms.

Industries that use our systems


Fast and autonomous protection that grows and reconfigures as your site develops.


The precise, cost-effective and easily scalable system is ideal for keeping your critical infrastructure protected.

Void Property

The fully autonomous system requires no wired communications to keep intruders out of your property.

Use cases

Site security

Secure and protect areas or sites as a whole or by different access zones with access based on predefined conditions.

Illegal dumping (fly tipping)

Secure and monitor potential dump sites and receive instant notifications with clear imaging if activity is detected.

Site monitoring

Monitor activities inside any predefined perimeter and track the movements of people or vehicles.

Our systems are used by the military and border guards all around the world from the African jungles to close to the Arctic circle.

More than 70 000 events from more than 10 000 devices on the field are sent to the cloud daily.