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Kadri-Ann Mägi

Marketer’s POV: Installing Reconeyez

Every marketer knows that a deep understanding of the product they promote is essential. When I first joined the Reconeyez team, I asked if I could test this innovative system myself.  Installation, I was assured, was a breeze. The only time-consuming aspect was the initial setup, which could consume up to an hour. Subsequent installations,

13. Sep 2023, 5 min read
Gerhard Villem

How to overcome crises as a small security business?

Undeniably, many companies in different sectors are going through difficult times. Security companies, installers, and distributors are no exception. It doesn’t matter what your niche is – whether you’re strictly focusing on CCTV security or have a wide variety of services – chances are that you have noticed some cool-down. So have we. But as

6. Jul 2023, 4 min read