A simple system for complex protection

Capable, accurate, intelligent
tough and cost-effective.

The Detector

An autonomous motion-triggered high dynamic range camera system.

Quality images

The two different cameras inside the Detector capture images in all light and weather conditions. A colour daytime camera captures clear HD images during the day, a monochrome HQ camera during low light conditions and an infrared flash illuminates the area in case of darkness.

  • 1920×1080 pixels day / 1280×960 pixels night photo
  • Up to 2000 RAW images stored in internal memory
  • Cloud managed remote image size configuration from anywhere
  • Thumbnail only mode for an extremely long battery life

Advanced motion detection

The Detector combines a passive infrared (PIR) sensor with signal analysis to monitor the area for thermal signatures. If motion is detected, an alarm is generated and the camera is activated.

  • 35m / 38yd / 115ft detection range
  • 95% detection probability (person speed 0.4 m/s / 0.9 mph, ambient temperature 36℃ / 96.8°F)
  • Artificial intelligence backed sensitivity algorithms
  • Low  false alarms due to machine learning
  • Digital signal processing


Reliable low-power communications

Reconeyez devices communicate using secure and reliable 2.4GHz low-power radio.

  • Up to 500m / 547yd / 1640ft with a line of sight
  • Circa 100m / 109yd / 328ft obstructed
  • Proprietary low-power mesh technology
  • Maximum of 8 Detectors per Bridge (site dependent)


How does it work?

Reconeyez Detectors use passive infrared (PIR) sensors and signal analysis to track thermal signatures across the monitored area.

Once motion is detected the Detector activates the appropriate camera for available light conditions, captures an image and generates an alarm. Move from detection to controlled protection in seconds.

  • Detect
  • React
  • Protect

Simple & fast installation

The installation and adjustment of the Detector take just minutes. Just insert the batteries and the Detector starts monitoring the area.

  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • Easy manual adjustment for directional fine-tuning
  • Simple, visual, coverage preview and adjustment


Built for extreme conditions

Developed for the harshest possible conditions. Field-tested from -40°C to +60°C / -40°F to 140°F.

Optimized for battery life

Designed from the ground up for an autonomous operation to keep the system working without human intervention for up to 400 days.

Engineered for resilience

Contained in a tough and rugged IP67-rated enclosure to make it resistant to frequent moving, transporting and environmental conditions.


Reasonable equipment pricing, quick to install, simple to scale, easy to operate and economical to maintain.

The Bridge

An autonomous secure and robust 4G communication gateway.

The Siren

A persuasive autonomous audio-visual intrusion deterrent.

The Keypad

The Keypad is a wireless device designed specifically for arming and disarming the Reconeyez security system. It is particularly well suited for construction sites and other environments where frequent arming and disarming is necessary.

The Bridge I/O

The Bridge I/O is a multi-frequency radio transceiver that connects Reconeyez Detectors with Command Center. It combines three modules: short-range radio, long-range radio and battery. With three inputs and five outputs, the Bridge I/O offers high automation and security, allowing you to integrate third-party systems and sensors with Reconeyez detectors.


Solar panel

Solar charging for batteries in a Detector, Bridge or Siren to increase the time of autonomous operation. Requires one charging battery per unit.

Battery extension pack

An extra power pack for a Detector, Bridge or Siren to double the autonomous operation time. Requires one charging battery per unit.

Mains power charger

Enables a Detector, Bridge or Siren to operate and charge batteries from mains power. Requires one charging battery per unit.

Demo case

A sturdy transportation case that fits a complete Reconeyez demo system.

12-bay charger

Mains power charger for simultaneously charging up to twelve Detector, Bridge and Siren batteries.

4-bay charger

Mains power charger for simultaneously charging up to four Detector, Bridge and Siren batteries.

The Connector

Required for Bridge and Detector configuration and installation. Translates the signal between a bluetooth-enabled device and the Bridge and Detectors.

Charging battery

A battery to enable the use of a solar panel, battery extension pack or mains charger.

Replacement battery

An extra battery for a Detector, Bridge or Siren.

Mounting plate

A plate for mounting a Detector, Bridge or Siren using cable/zip ties or screws for installation on metal, concrete and poles etc.

Mounting screw

A TX30 head screw for mounting a Detector, Bridge or Siren on soft materials such as wood.

L-shape mounter

A mounting bracket for mounting two units to face in opposite directions or to provide a more flexible mounting option away from a post or wall.