Sentinel PID Pro Wireless Security System.

It’s Big, Bold and Smart.


• 70-meter (230 ft) detection range

• Fully customisable

• Powered by solar energy

• Deployed in 20 min

• Seamless integration with monitoring centres

• Almost 0 false alarms

• HD quality images


What is the Sentinel PID PRO?

Sentinel PID Pro is the new standard for Perimeter Intrusion Detection for security companies. Sentinel PID Pro is designed by PropertySec and equipped with Reconeyez video verification technology

Its innovative, fully customisable design and superior operational functionality make it a stand-out Perimeter Intrusion Detection System.

Designed and Sold by Propertysec

Tall and Visible

Sentinel PID Pro unit height is 2,3 meters (7.5 feet), which helps them stand out on-site and in the market.

It enhances the unit’s capability to detect intrusions through advanced video verification methods and offers the deterrent effect of its sheer presence.


70-meter Detection Range

Using the Reconeyez rugged detectors, the Sentinel PID Pro unit delivers an extensive detection range of over 35 meters (115 feet) in each direction. It means that you can cover an AI-optimised 70-meter (230-foot) distance with one unit. Its coverage capability is 2-3 times greater than its closest competition’s.

Fully Customisable

We understand that branding and aesthetics matter. That's why our partner PropertySec offers a high degree of customisation for the Sentinel PID Pro. You have the flexibility to choose the colour and branding that aligns with your organisation's unique identity.

Rapid Deployment

The system is designed for quick deployment and is easily relocatable to meet changing security needs. The setup process requires approximately 20 minutes per PID Pro unit.

Powered by Solar Energy

Equipped with a solar panel back-up, the unit allows for prolonged deployment with reduced need for battery replacements. It’s the perfect option for off-grid locations where power supply is restricted.

Monitoring On-The-Go

The Sentinel PID Pro is powered by Reconeyez devices. This means your Perimeter Intrusion Detection system can be accessed through the Reconeyez mobile app, which enables real-time monitoring and configuration of your security sites from any location. Ensuring you’re informed and connected to your PID security system, with the convenience of receiving immediate push notifications for alerts.

Remote Configurability

Unlike traditional security systems and PID devices, Reconeyez devices can be seamlessly configured from the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site visits and reducing maintenance calls. This streamlines system management and underscores Reconeyez’s dedication to user-friendly, efficient security solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

Another standout feature of the Sentinel PID Pro is its AI-powered detection process. The inclusion of AI for detection and confirmation sets Reconeyez systems apart, ensuring a higher level of accuracy in identifying potential threats, and reducing activations made by 'false positive' alarms.

Seamless Integration for Monitoring Centres

The Reconeyez security system used in the Sentinel PID Pro units can be seamlessly integrated with central stations to streamline security operations. The convergence of autonomous surveillance and centralised monitoring empowers quick decision-making, turning data into actionable insights.

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and Sold by Propertysec