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Triin Mahlakõiv

New feature: Reconeyez custom schedule takes the hassle out of scheduling

In the Devices menu, device detailed view, you can now manually predefine and save custom schedules, as well as activate the custom schedules already saved as needed.

20. Jun 2021, 2 min read
Triin Mahlakõiv

Announcing new Reconeyez cloud user management

You will now find the new Users menu as a separate item at the top main menu bar. You can add new users, suspend users, assign roles and permissions, and get a comprehensive overview of users’ access.

14. Jun 2021, 3 min read
Triin Mahlakõiv

Have you tried Reconeyez Device Profile feature?

We added Device Profile to the Device Configuration so you can set up new devices faster and make sure that all necessary devices are following the same configuration values and schedules.

24. May 2021, 2 min read

Manage your detectors with the ArmIt app

From 2021 Reconeyez system boasts an efficient remote-control tool in the form of Android and Apple compatible smartphone application that allows quick arming and disarming of Reconeyez camera systems – the ArmIt app.

4. Mar 2021, 3 min read

Artificial intelligence removes false alarms

We want our customers to be able to focus on their business. There is no need to react to false alarms. Reconeyez uses deep neural network-based technology.

4. Mar 2019, 2 min read