Enhancing Security and Convenience with the Reconeyez Keypad


10. Oct 2023, 4 min read

Reconeyez, a trusted name in security solutions, has introduced a game-changing device known as the Reconeyez Keypad. This wireless device is specifically designed for arming and disarming the Reconeyez security system, providing a level of convenience and reliability that is second to none.

Wireless Excellence

The Reconeyez Keypad boasts impressive features that set it apart from the competition. With a range of up to 500 meters in line of sight, it ensures that your security system remains connected and responsive even in expansive environments. Its discreet built-in antenna ensures that it doesn’t compromise aesthetics while delivering robust communication capabilities.

Clear Indicators for Peace of Mind

One of the standout features of the Reconeyez Keypad is its visual and sound indicators. These indicators provide clear and immediate feedback on the status of your security system. Whether you’re arming it before leaving your property or disarming it upon your return, you’ll have complete confidence in the system’s security status.

Easy Installation and Adaptability

Installing the Reconeyez Keypad is a breeze. It’s compatible with all Reconeyez brackets, and its adjustability makes it adaptable to various mounting scenarios. This means you can quickly install it wherever it’s needed most without hassle.

On-Site Control for Added Convenience

The Reconeyez Keypad takes convenience to the next level with its on-site arm and disarm functionality. You can easily control your Reconeyez detectors right at the keypad. This feature is particularly beneficial for construction sites and other environments where frequent arming and disarming are necessary.

Impressive Battery Life

Nobody wants to worry about constantly replacing batteries. With the Reconeyez Keypad, you won’t have to. It boasts an impressive battery life of 400 days in standby mode or up to 300 keypad operations before needing a recharge or replacement. This ensures that your security system remains operational for extended periods without interruptions.

Built Tough for Any Environment

The Reconeyez Keypad is built to withstand harsh conditions. With an operational temperature range from -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) and an IP65 rating, it can endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Its rugged yet lightweight design (700g/1.54lb) ensures that it can handle the demands of various environments.

Seamless Remote Control via Reconeyez Cloud

In addition to on-site control, the Reconeyez Keypad offers remote control via the Reconeyez Cloud. This feature allows you to change security settings, add users and individual passwords, check battery status, or exclude specific detectors from the keypad. It adds a layer of flexibility and control to your security management.

Add-on Power Solutions for Sustainability

For those looking to enhance sustainability, the Reconeyez Keypad is compatible with all Reconeyez external power solutions when using solar or connector battery options. This means you can keep your security system running efficiently while minimizing its environmental footprint.

In conclusion, the Reconeyez Keypad is a remarkable addition to the Reconeyez security system family. Its wireless capabilities, ease of installation, on-site control, long battery life, rugged design, and remote management options make it a must-have for anyone serious about security. With the Reconeyez Keypad, you can rest assured that your property is protected with the latest in security technology. Trust Reconeyez to keep you safe and secure.

About Reconeyez 

Reconeyez battery-operated video surveillance stands as an extraordinary choice for industries that demand robustness, intelligence, and cost-efficiency in their security solutions. Its field-tested durability, smart features, seamless integrations, autonomy, cloud management, and high-definition imaging combine to create a formidable safeguarding solution. Whether in construction, utilities, mining, agriculture, or remote property management, Reconeyez is a trusted partner in ensuring security and peace of mind.

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