Parco delle Groane chooses Reconeyez

Due to the ever-increasing need to monitor internal and more remote areas where electricity is unavailable, Parco delle Groane decided to install Reconeyez to safeguard the area.   Parco delle Groane   Parco delle Groane is a protected natural area of Lombardy established in 1976. It extends over 8249 hectares and touches 28 municipalities, the

5. Jan 2023, 5 min read

2022 in retrospect

2022 was a year of growth for Reconeyez. We made several significant and bold moves to serve our clients better. For example, the whole team put a lot of work into improving hardware and cloud products. Although you have already seen several changes, you will also witness the results of our heavy work in early

29. Dec 2022, 2 min read
The Installer

A letter to (urban) Reconeyez installers

Dear Reconeyez installer, You probably think your job is tough, with all the Friday afternoon installations in the rain and the occasional grumpy customer. But trust me, you’ve got it easy compared to us Reconeyez veterans from the “old days” of border control. Back then, we had to deal with all sorts of hostile environments

12. Dec 2022, 3 min read
Maksim Ziabko

Reconeyez has launched the new Cloud

We are glad to make a public announcement that the Reconeyez Cloud portal has gone through several changes to improve our customers’ user experience and fulfill users’ needs. In addition to the facelift and several new features, there are also many beneficial updates in the back-end systems that improve overall efficiency. In this blog post,

1. Dec 2022, 3 min read
Tanel Liiv

7 tips on how to know if your security camera is a security threat

Security cameras are widely used worldwide by organizations and private users alike. Cameras keep an eye on private homes, office buildings, and even country borders. No matter the user or the specific use case: the overarching goals are to make the world we live in safer and protect our property. Sometimes though, the threat may

21. Nov 2022, 4 min read

Interview with Gary Frith: “Not many can say that their devices are used and trusted by the military!”

The interview was first published in International Security Journal on August 25, 2022.  Securing outdoor areas is often a costly and complex endeavour for many companies. The lack of internet connection and power makes installing conventional solutions difficult or very expensive. Outdoor spaces are notorious for creating excessive false alarms caused by environmental factors such

25. Aug 2022, 8 min read
Triin Mahlakõiv

Product Update: Adaptive motion sensitivity automatically controls the motion sensor sensitivity in real-time

The false alarm volume can increase dramatically due to environmental changes like swaying grass, wind gusts, and hot surfaces due to sun exposure. The increase affects the cost of security operations. That’s why we have developed a feature – Adaptive Motion Sensitivity (AMS) – to manage false positives (autodismissed events) created by environmental noise.  Adaptive

23. Aug 2022, 2 min read
Triin Mahlakõiv

Reconeyez Launches an Instant Activation Service

Instant Activation Service (IAS) enables its users an instant outward/push connectivity from the Reconeyez Cloud to your deployed Reconeyez systems. IAS allows you to send instant arming/disarming commands to the devices on the field and request a live snapshot of the area whenever needed.  Key benefits of IAS today and in the future  IAS provides

3. Jun 2022, 3 min read

New device filters and device statuses

The left-hand panel of the new Reconeyez cloud Devices menu is now divided into two parts. The upper one is the new Device filters section, which allows users to quickly display all active devices based on their device type, activity or status.

9. Dec 2021, 4 min read

Reconeyez alarm technology foiled a slippery intruder

Reconeyez Wireless battery video alarm technology foiled a slippery intruder attempting to steal from a construction site near Santa Clara.

30. Nov 2021, 1 min read
Triin Mahlakõiv

SIM card info now displayed in Device view

Reconeyez cloud server is now displaying bridge SIM card information – SIM ICCID number, mobile operator name, and bridge uptime since the last reboot.

28. Sep 2021, 1 min read