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6. Sep 2023, 4 min read

The Power of Reconeyez Battery-Operated Video Surveillance

Commercial video surveillance technologies have evolved and today provide much more than crime deterrence. While the solution is a critical tool for every industry, there have been many challenges when it comes to deploying it in harsh or remote areas or locations without power to support the systems. 

Unfortunately, this leaves many enterprises, such as critical infrastructure, construction sites, vacant properties, and many others, in dire need of a solution that provides real-time video surveillance and data. 

Reconeyez, an autonomous outdoor video surveillance system with its origins in the defence industry, was developed as a trailblazing option that offers a remarkable combination of robustness, smart features, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s protecting construction sites, ensuring the security of utilities, safeguarding mining operations, monitoring vast agricultural lands, or keeping a watchful eye on remote properties, Reconeyez proves to be an invaluable asset.

Field-Proven Resilience: Thriving in Extreme Conditions

The most striking feature of Reconeyez is its field-tested durability. Born from defence industry roots, these devices have been put through their paces in some of the world’s harshest conditions. From enduring temperatures as low as -42°C/-43.6°F in Kazakhstan to sweltering at +60°C/140°F on the Afghanistan border, Reconeyez stands tall, unfazed by the elements. This level of resilience ensures uninterrupted surveillance, making it an ideal choice for industries that face extreme weather and environmental challenges.

Long Battery Life to Go Where Others Can’t

A lack of power is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome at many sites.  As a fully autonomous battery-operated solution with a battery life of 400 days or 50,000 events, Reconeyez can go where others can’t. 

AI-Powered Intrusion Detection: Elevating Security Precision

Reconeyez doesn’t just passively capture footage; it’s equipped with smart intrusion detection capabilities that redefine surveillance effectiveness. Using advanced algorithms, these devices can distinguish between routine movements and potential threats, significantly reducing false alarms. This intelligence enables swift response to genuine security breaches, making Reconeyez a proactive guardian of your assets.

Seamless Integration for Monitoring Centers: A Unified Approach to Security

Reconeyez offers seamless integrations with central stations that streamline security operations. The convergence of autonomous surveillance and centralized monitoring empowers quick decision-making, turning data into actionable insights. This integration doesn’t just enhance security; it transforms it into a well-coordinated, cohesive effort.

Cost-Effective Autonomy: Unburdening Resources

One of the standout advantages of Reconeyez is its fully autonomous nature. These battery-operated devices require minimal human intervention, which translates to reduced staffing requirements. Moreover, the simple installation process ensures that you’re up and running swiftly. This autonomy doesn’t just save resources; it optimizes them, making Reconeyez an economically sensible choice for industries that need efficient security solutions.

Cloud Management: Control at Your Fingertips

With Reconeyez, the cloud becomes your control center. Cloud management allows you to access real-time footage, adjust settings, and receive alerts remotely. This accessibility is particularly crucial for industries with multiple locations or remote sites. High-definition images ensure that you’re not just aware of incidents; you’re equipped with the details needed for informed decision-making.

High-Definition Imaging: Clarity in Every Frame

In the world of surveillance, image quality is paramount. Reconeyez doesn’t compromise on this front. High-definition imaging ensures that every frame is rich in detail, aiding in accurate identification and assessment. This feature is indispensable for industries like construction, where nuanced information can make all the difference.

A Tailored Solution for Diverse Industries

Reconeyez breaks the mold of one-size-fits-all security solutions. It’s a versatile option that caters to a range of industries. Construction sites gain an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism. Utilities can rest assured that their critical infrastructure is monitored comprehensively. Mining operations can focus on extraction, knowing that their perimeters are guarded. Agriculture benefits from the ability to monitor expansive lands, ensuring efficiency and security. And for vacant or remote properties, Reconeyez becomes the vigilant caretaker that keeps threats at bay.


Reconeyez battery-operated video surveillance stands as an extraordinary choice for industries that demand robustness, intelligence, and cost-efficiency in their security solutions. Its field-tested durability, smart features, seamless integrations, autonomy, cloud management, and high-definition imaging combine to create a formidable safeguarding solution. Whether in construction, utilities, mining, agriculture, or remote property management, Reconeyez is a trusted partner in ensuring security and peace of mind.

For more information about the solution or to become a Reconeyes Partner, call 415-741-0005.





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