What does 2021 bring? Reconeyez rebranding

Indrek Jaaska

29. Mar 2021, 2 min read

What does 2021 bring?

2020 was a very good year for Reconeyez during which we launched a series of new products to enhance the existing product portfolio. In responding to our customers’ needs we launched our new solar panel and battery unit offering continuous power to both the bridge and detector. Our cloud platform has also had a number of improvements and refinements, increasing stability and user-friendliness.

We aren’t resting on our laurels though, and in 2021 we are looking to develop and launch new devices including bridge with enhanced features. I firmly believe that the AI function in our system keeps us at the forefront of security innovation necessary for our clients to meet their needs in offering security solutions in demanding outdoor and remote locations.

We at Reconeyez appreciate and thank all our customers for their continued support and hope that this year we will be able to meet you in person. Please keep safe.

Reconeyez rebranded

As new technologies are driving innovation, AI and smart solutions are increasingly being integrated into the fabric of our business. We have refreshed our visual identity and webpage so that they would represent the company ideals and dedication to our customers, the whole business plus our work – and ourselves – in a more impactful way. Our new logo represents different elements. You may recognize the brain, robot’s face, bars, swords, a fingerprint. Please contact us for a new logo file in case you showcase our logo on your webpage.

We also updated our website to provide significantly more information about our devices and cloud services. You will find more customer stories and insights into our current developments in the blog section – so you can get an idea of what we’re capable of before you even contact us. You will also soon find various marketing and sales support materials on the website’s extranet – all from a single easy-to-use place.

With our new look and sharpened focus, we’re ready to create fully autonomous protection systems. As always, our team is here to help you along every step of the way to ensure your continued safety and success.

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Written by

Indrek Jaaska



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