Anchor Group Services: Reinforcing Security in Remote Landscapes – A Reconeyez Case Study


25. Jan 2024, 3 min read

In response to an urgent security challenge, our esteemed client, Anchor Group Services, sought a robust and cost-effective solution for safeguarding valuable assets stored in remote, off-grid areas. Traditionally relying on continuous security officer patrols, they were eager to explore a more efficient approach, particularly outside regular working hours.

The Challenge

Anchor Group Services faced the unique challenge of securing sites in rural areas with limited access to mains power and communication infrastructure. Recognizing the need for a self-powered solution with 4/5G capabilities, we at Reconeyez set out to deliver a cutting-edge answer to their security concerns.

Key Criteria for Solution Selection

We understood the importance of a solution that was not only low maintenance but also portable and easily reconfigurable. Our choice of solar-powered devices with battery extenders met these criteria, ensuring minimal site visits and empowering Anchor Group Services with the flexibility to adapt to changing site layouts.

Added Value with Reconeyez

Building on our successful collaboration with Anchor Group Services, we not only provided an efficient setup but also extended access to our Reconeyez portal and mobile app for their on-site security teams. This empowered them to monitor alerts from isolated areas, significantly reducing the need for regular patrols and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Considered Alternatives

While evaluating alternatives, including battery-powered CCTV cameras with built-in 4G routers, we recognized the potential drawbacks, such as increased annual airtime costs. The Reconeyez powered tower solution proved superior, offering the flexibility and suitability required for Anchor Group Services’ unique needs.

Deployment Efficiency

Our commitment to efficiency was evident in the deployment process. While the first tower took around 2 hours to assemble, test, and commission, our expertise allowed us to streamline the process. With each subsequent tower, we reduced the time to an impressive 45 minutes, successfully deploying 14 towers across two separate locations.

The Reconeyez Advantage

Our collaboration with Anchor Group Services showcased not only our ability to address immediate security concerns but also the scalability and adaptability of Reconeyez solutions. By harnessing solar power, 4/5G technology, and user-friendly configurations, Reconeyez proved to be the optimal choice for achieving reliable and cost-effective security in remote and challenging landscapes.

About Reconeyez

Reconeyez battery-operated video surveillance stands as an extraordinary choice for industries that demand robustness, intelligence, and cost-efficiency in their security solutions. Its field-tested durability, smart features, seamless integrations, autonomy, cloud management, and high-definition imaging combine to create a formidable safeguarding solution. Whether in construction, utilities, mining, agriculture, or remote property management, Reconeyez is a trusted partner in ensuring security and peace of mind.

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