Reconeyez has its roots firmly in the defence industry


17. May 2021, 3 min read

Reconeyez has its roots firmly in the defence industry – our system’s counterparts developed for military purposes are currently in operation in 38 countries. They monitor and report on the borders of 20 countries providing 24/7 peace of mind for local border protection agencies, but also defend the perimeters of oil pipelines in Columbia, monitor high-voltage transmission lines in the Balkans, and are an integral part of anti-terrorism operations in Indonesia, to mention a few.

The Reconeyez systems available today are the direct result of solving the problems that the modern day military and border protection daily face. With some added benefits and modifications to better suit the needs of the wide range of industries in the commercial sector.

While adapting a system initially designed for the use by the military and border guard brings with it a lot of advantages, it also has some aspects that require rethinking and redesign.

We all know commercial products like drones, mobile phones, sunglasses, velcro, microwave ovens and semiconductors, which stem from research initially conducted for military or aerospace industries. The main problem with offering most of these products to the commercial sector was almost always the cost.

One simple cost-effective scalable system

In the case of Reconeyez, this was never an issue as our PIR camera system has been designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective solution. The development requirements called for a simple, easy to install and scale system that, while being able to stand the harshest of weather and environmental conditions, should also be modular and easily scalable. In military operations, even the most rugged equipment will eventually wear, get damaged, destroyed or just get lost in the action. So replacing a part of the system has to be quick and easy at a reasonable cost.

Adapting to commercial user experiences

The problems we faced while researching commercial uses were related not so much to the products themselves but to the differences in the way they are used. While a monitoring system installed on a border or a high-security site perimeter will be operational 24/7 365 days a year, the commercial sector needed a much more flexible arming and disarming system.

This was and is the biggest difference between the Reconeyez system and its military counterpart to this day. Most of the hardware, mesh network and communication technology upgrades come from the development and testing of military products. The end-user software for the Reconeyez system is however developed to match the needs of the commercial sector. This includes enhancing the user experience of arming and disarming, adding flexible alarm schedules, simplifying user and rights management.

Mobile arming and disarming app

The latest development in simplifying the commercial user experience was the launch of our ArmIt app available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The mobile app is designed to offer maximum value to site managers, installers and end-users on the move without the possibility to use a laptop for alarm system management. The app has also shown to significantly reduce the number of false alarms or security breaches due to forgotten access codes, lost remotes or keycards.

Our top priority for future updates is developing our state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and finding more efficient ways of combining them with our low power mesh routing mechanisms and communication protocols to increase the battery life of our system. Just as importantly, we are committed to developing and redesigning our user experience and user interfaces to even better match the needs of our commercial sector customers. To deliver the best possible system with the simplest operation interface possible.




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