SIM card info now displayed in Device view

Triin Mahlakõiv

28. Sep 2021, 1 min read

Reconeyez cloud server is now displaying bridge SIM card information – SIM ICCID number, mobile operator name, and bridge uptime since the last reboot.

This offers Reconeyez installers and operators a useful tool, which allows them to troubleshoot bridge connectivity issues with more precision. It is no longer needed to store SIM card information manually to verify which SIM is connected to which bridge as the Reconeyez WebUI now displays such information.

In case the bridge goes offline, the operator can now quickly browse the correct mobile operator’s website or contact their customer support to quickly confirm that the issue is not due to a blocked SIM card or technical issue on the operator’s side.

Bridge uptime displays the time count since the last time the bridge device rebooted its firmware. The bridge is programmed to reboot itself in case it does not manage to create a connection with the Reconeyez server. Also, the bridge reboots when the installer removes the batteries.

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Written by

Triin Mahlakõiv



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